Shanna Corrina

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Shanna Corrina Wearing a Sexy Thong
Swimwear Provided By: Sassy Assy Clothing

Shanna Corrina is the shawty from Naples with the strong body to go with her strong attitude. The model is no push-over. You have to appreciate a woman that knows what she wants and Shanna is that woman. Shanna Corrina came on the scene about a year ago and has already been featured in Black Men Magazine, Girls of Lowrider, Sassy Assy Jeans Swimwear and many more. She has worked in TV, music videos, car shows, bikini contest, print modeling, and go-go dancing. She spends much of her time balanced between Miami and Naples and runs her own club promotion company where she provides the hottest go-go dancers and performers to the hottest clubs. Shanna believes that one should own their life and not to be owned by life. 
Shanna Corrina in Black Bikini Posing for the Cover of Mixed Magazine

Various Sexy Poses of Shanna Corrina for Mixed Magazine


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